Depending on the brand, tampons are typically tubular and made of rayon or cotton, with a string attached. These are often placed in a woman's vagina during her menstrual period. Tampons may include applicators to aid with insertion. Many women regard

Pearl Tampax Regular tampons help prevent leaks on days with light to moderate flow throughout your period. They are fragrance-free. These tampons include a SmoothTouch plastic applicator and a contoured anti-slip grip for a secure, comfortable fit. Tampax Pearl's MotionFit technology

The bodies undergo many changes, particularly during our adolescent years. During puberty, a girl may experience feelings of unease, awkwardness, confusion, and insecurity while undergoing bodily changes. Menstruation, or rather periods, is a sign that a girl has entered womanhood.

Unlike ordinary tampons, which are often composed of rayon and non-organic cotton, organic tampons are typically 100 percent organic cotton. Also, organic tampons are bleached with peroxide, whereas conventional tampons are bleached with chlorine to a bright white color. Justifications for

What Is A Mooncup? The Mooncup is a reusable, soft silicone menstruation cup. Women created it as a convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly replacement for tampons and pads. The Mooncup was the initial menstrual cup produced entirely of medical-grade silicone, a

Lil-Lets Pads are constructed of 100% organic cotton, which is gentle on the skin and has an absorbent core for superior protection. These pads have stay-put wings for enhanced protection and are wrapped in a corn starch wrapper. There are

What is this medication used for? This medication contains Ibuprofen Lysine, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It works by relieving pain and swelling. It is useful for relieving rheumatic or muscle pain, backache, neuralgia, migraine, headache, tooth pain, period pain, and cold

Feminax ultra pills act quickly to provide significant period pain relief. Feminax ultra-strength pills are ideal for women aged 15-50 years old. They include 250mg of Naproxen, a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory used to alleviate period discomfort (also called menstrual

Bodyorm Bodyform/Libresse from Essity is a global femcare brand. However, it is a challenger brand in many areas. In the United Kingdom, it is classified third behind Always and Procter & Gamble's Tampax. In a society that continues to stigmatize periods –

Tweens The term "tween" is frequently used to refer to a group of youngsters between the ages of child and teenager. These children are frequently in middle school and are rapidly approaching puberty and all of the difficulties that come with