You’re going to be a woman soon, Girl

A guide for girls ages 8 to 13 on how to deal with the emotional issues that come with puberty

Puberty may be a tough period for a young girl, and it’s understandable if she doesn’t know who (or what) to ask. The Menstrual Period for Children is a soothing introduction to puberty, encouraging girls to approach puberty with excitement and confidence. You’ll discover all you need to know about sex education in this age-appropriate book, from how to care for your period to where your hair grows.

When it comes to books about puberty for girls, this body-positive top pick provides valuable guidance and support when you need it most. You’ll get guidance on what to eat and how to workout, so your body is healthy, comfortable, and ready for the changes ahead, in addition to tips on how to manage powerful feelings, make friends, and more.

This inspiring puberty book for girls has the following sections:

– An explanation of puberty

– Social skills

– Suggestions for self-care

– Internet safety and cyberbullying

– Emotional well-being and self-esteem

– Coping skills

– Communication and personal limits

– And Much MORE

Learn about the importance of cultivating a positive mindset in this puberty book for girls, and you’ll be ready to take on anything!

Preparing your Daughter for Puberty

The Ultimate Guide for Parents

Is it time to talk about sexuality with your kids? With this simple-to-implement method, you can get rid of the awkwardness.

Do you dislike having “The Talk” with your children? Are you having trouble starting a conversation about puberty with your rapidly maturing children? Do you feel unprepared to assist your children in learning about their changing bodies? When should I start discussing sex and relationships with my child? What are some age-appropriate topics to discuss? How can I get over my awkwardness? Sex is a necessary part of existence; none of us would exist without it. However, when addressing sex and relationships with their children, parents frequently remain silent and avoid the subject.

This simple book will walk you through every area of sex education, from how and when to start talking about sex with your child to teenage pregnancy, safe sex, and the emotional components of sexual relationships. There are ideas and recommendations on encouraging your child to talk to you, advice on dealing with complex themes, and essential information on STIs, contraception, and how to deal with cyberbullying and peer pressure.

Preparing your daughter for puberty. The ultimate guide for Parents is a practical manual that helps make sense of this tough period, with guidance for parents and guardians, checklists, and discussion points. Use the handbook as a continuing resource for sex education and a quick reference.